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With over 25 years’ experience in the maintenance services and building industry, and with specialisation in running refurbishments and overhead power lines for corporates such as TSI Eskom for a significant number of years; we pride ourselves in providing quality services for all our clients.

We have specialised training in the maintenance industry and have done more than 26 overhead power lines for established companies within the maintenance industry.

Maintenance Sure prides itself in having a 11.1 safety and responsibility, and duly completing our work on cut off time.  We make sure that we give customers a single point of contact for all their maintenance needs and this is to help customers manage all their homes efficiently with ease of maintenance access.



We believe in creating a true “one call takes care of it all” culture where we build relationships with qualified vendors who provide key services such as HVAC window and gutter cleaning, etc. – as well as experienced plumbers, electricians and roofers to manage larger repairs for clients.



 We continue to refine the Maintenance Sure business model to support our goal of relieving the burdens of maintenance for our clients. Through this, we set about building a comprehensive home management service targeting the greater Gauteng area and in future; all surroundings areas to create jobs in the building and maintenance operations industry and grow Maintenance Sure across South Africa.

For Maintenance Sure – no project is too small or too much to handle.  With over 25 years in the building and maintenance industry; we strive to keep our customers happy and satisfied.

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Theunis Kruger


Port Shepstone. Servicing the Hibiscus Coast (Pumula to Ramsgate)